The 4 Things You Need to Bring With You When You Move to Your College Dorm

One of the best ways to test your willpower is to live independently and away from your parents at a young age. This is one of the reasons why a lot of college students prefer to live in dorms instead of staying with their families (aside, of course, from the fact that their college is far from home). This is an exciting adventure for any college student, but the first time you move out of your parents’ house can be quite a challenge.

Most parents drop off their child/children to their campuses and dorms. But there are those who hire extra help from moving companies, to make sure that the moving process is smooth and convenient. You may not be an expert on moving, but you can help out by sorting through your things and deciding which ones you will bring to your college dorm. Here are four tips to help you choose which among your favorite should live with you in your dorm.


  1. One of the most basic needs – your clothes.

Of course, you have to bring your clothes with you! But you have to carefully choose which ones to pack in your suitcase or moving box. The best thing to do is research about the weather in the area where your college is and choose clothes that are appropriate for it.


  1. You need your toiletries, too.

Another basic need, and this includes your supply of toothpaste, shampoo, and other similar stuff. Although you can just leave them at home and buy some where you are going, using what you already have is the cheapest and most practical thing to do. Make sure that you put your toiletries in one bag.


  1. Shoes, you need your shoes.

If you have a large collection of shoes, don’t bring them all (of course!). Bring only the basic ones like sneakers, flat and comfortable sandals, and a pair that you can use for formal events.


  1. Things for school.

Or your school supplies. Again, you can always buy this on the campus, or in some store near the dorm. But the practical thing to do is bring with you whatever is there. Your pens, highlighters, notepads, notebooks, and other school supplies.

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